My Closet and Adding New Items

De-Clutter your Style by snapping the pictures of your clothes and shoes, and organizing them with STYLICIOUS. You can browse/search your clothes or add new clothes anytime and anywhere.

Add items to your closet

Adding new items to your closet is simple and can be done by taking a picture with your camera or loading a picture from your media files. You can do this by tapping on the camera button on the main screen or in the My Closet screen.

cameracloset Cameramain


Browsing and Searching your closet

  • Browse your closet by simply scrolling sideways the major clothing categories.
  • View/Edit details (brand, price, date worn) of any item by tapping on it.
  • Search for items by tapping on the magnifier icon
  • Manage options are available by tapping on the Menu button


With our quick and fun interface, you can create the look you want without spending hours in your closet.

Starting a new look
Simply tap on the + icon in the Lookbook section to start a new look. Create the look with items from your closet and/or wish list. You can move the items around by tapping on the items and dragging them to the desired position. Change the size of the items by tapping on the item with two fingers and pinching it to the desired size.


Browsing and Searching your Lookbook

  • Browse your Lookbook by simply scrolling up and down the looks. 
  • View/Edit details of any look by tapping on it and tapping on the menu bar. 
  • Search for a specific outfit (style, tags, weather) by tapping on the magnifier icon.
Wish List
With STYLICIOUS you will never lose the items you like and would love to have. You can simply save them in the wish section. By adding the item in wish you can also create a look in the Lookbook section and decide if that item is for you.

Browse our shopping section and add the item you like to Wish by tapping the shopping bag with a heart. Go back in Wish at any time and see if the item is still available or if it is on sale.

You can also take a picture of any items you like from your favorite brick-and-mortar stores. Simply go to Wish and tap on the Camera button.