Interview With Maya Amoah

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Maya Amoah, creator and designer of Nebula Artwear, to talk about her brand as well as her personal fashion struggles.

Stylicious: What inspired you to start your own brand?
Maya Amoah: It all started when I was in 10th grade. I’ve always had a love for fashion since I was young… My mom tells me that I wouldn’t let her choose my outfits for school in the mornings as a kindergartener. I would wear to different colored socks as a fashion “statement”. I have always loved doing DIY projects for clothing- whether it was adding sequins to the hem of a top or cutting holes and adding patches to jeans. So when I started Nebula Artwear it made sense.

S: How much time do you spend in the morning trying to decide what to wear?
M: What I wore to school in the morning was always so important to me- When I was younger (early years of high school) I would pick out what i was going to wear to school the night before, I looove planning outfits!! More recently I’ve found that when I don’t plan beforehand I come up with some outfit ideas that are more creative because there’s more pressure to put something together! But regardless I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to wear next- especially when im lying in bed!

S: Do you find it difficult to style your lookbooks?
M: For my own lookbook and I usually just use my own wardrobe to complement the Nebula pieces so its not too hard because I usually just style the models how I wear my everyday looks! Like in the last shoot I did, the jean jacket and choker the model is wearing is some of my key favorite pieces!

S: What can we expect from Nebula in the future?
M: The ultimate goal is always having a bigger presence in Toronto, so I’m there often to sell at various markets or bring in new stock for the Toronto store I sell at; Freedom Clothing Collective.  In the future I hope to maybe sell in stores across the world so I can go visit them. When I look at the future of Nebula I’m pretty lost because I’m not sure what will become of it by I know that whatever happens it will definitely kickstart my future career or at least teach me even more life lessons than it already has.

We introduced Maya to Styilicous App to which she said “That’s a smart idea! Sick I’ll check it out”. Can’t wait to see Maya’s look creations within the app, soon!
We wish you all the luck Maya, thank you for giving us a little inside to your crazy world!


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