Stylicious – Closet Organizer Features

Main Screen


The main screen is your style dashboard.  Use the buttons for the following actions:

  • Camera – to Add a new item  
  • My Closet (Closet Organizer)- to View and Edit the items in your closet.
  • Lookbook (Outfits Planner) – Create and View Looks with items in your closet or the items you wish to have.
  • Calendar – to View and Manage the looks in your Fashion Calendar
  • Shopping – Shop online the latest fashion from your favorite brands by kind, price, keywords.
  • Wish – All your favorited items from the store you wish to have
  • Sale Bookmarks – Bookmark your favorite items and see whats on sale
  • Style Inspiration – to Get inspired with stylist looks and tips
  • Travel – Plan what to wear on your next trip

My Closet

Closet Organizer: snap the pictures of your clothes and shoes, and store them in the app.  It all starts by tapping the Camera icon or your Photo Gallery icon.  Your closet items will appear in the My Closet screen, and here you can quickly scroll through them, view the details, edit them and even assign time when to wear them.

Wish: this is where you store all the items you wish to have.  The wish items are automatically added from the Shopping section of this app.  You can also add new wish items yourself when going to your favorite store by taking the picture.

By knowing what you have in your closet, you will never have to spend money on duplicate items, and you will stop wearing the same items over and over… 


Mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in seconds! It’s your lookbook and fitting room – never buy anything without trying it first here. Use clothes from your closet or from the shopping section.



  • Shop the latest fashion from your favorite brands by kind, price, keywords
  • Best new dresses, fabulous sexy heels, bags, chic accessories and much more
  • Buy or Save to Wish.  Create a Look to see how it looks on you
  • Awesome Fashion Finds


Get inspired with Stylist Looks, Tips and the an inside to the latest trends:

  • Get Style ideas right for your style: from Street Style Sleek Elegance
  • Inside to the best new trends and how to wear them
  • Get New ideas to update your look and re-invent your style
  • Look like the hottest stars on screen
  • Save the outfits directly to your Lookbook to start a look with your clothes

Sale Bookmarks

Sale Bookmarks: It’s the smart way to shop!  Bookmark your Favorite brands and see when they go on sale.