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The Best Closet App
To Organize Your Style

Digitize your closet, plan your outfits, get inspired by our stylists
and rediscover the fun of shopping – all from your mobile phone.

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Why Choose Stylicious

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Closet and Lookbook

Simply snap pics of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Use them to create looks or to plan what to wear. With our closet organizer you will be in control of your wardrobe and you will know your clothes.

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Style Planner

Mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in seconds! Plan what you are going to wear and when. Never wear the same outfits twice, and never buy anything before trying it here first.

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Shop & Upgrade Your Style

We have your favorite brands and the best new styles… Have fun shopping, discover fab fashion finds, create a look with them, share them or buy them (check first in your closet for duplicates).

Save Time Choosing What To Wear

An average woman will spend one year of her life choosing what to wear, according to a recent article in the Telegraph. Our closet app can help you get back that year of your life! Stylicious is designed to help you easily organize your closet, create your lookbook and plan your style, so you can save that year of your life for things you like doing.

Upgrade Your Style On A Budget

With Stylicious you will shop your favorite brands and the best new styles. Shop for sales that you look for by adding filters for your favorite brands. Never buy duplicates! Check your closet first if you have a similar items that you forgot about. , for the items you like and never duplicates.


Getting compliments. Actually hearing people at work say how well I'm put together, that I have flair, that they love my outfits. Considering I've never been a fashion maven and was considered a nerd back in the day when needs weren't cool, this has been a confidence boost. I love how I can plan my outfits for the week, especially since I'm not a morning person. I can make sure not to repeat items or outfits too frequently.

Heaven This is the most amazing app ever!!!! For people who love fashion. When i first got this the first thing i said was omg this is fashion heaven. I love love this app.

Exactly what I need! I work crazy hours and between working and having a social life I tend to just throw something on and its tacky. Now I can dress like a lady and look like i have my life together

Great!!! I luv this app!!! Great organizing method and shopping features! I also luv the inspiration section where u take a look at different looks nd create ur own it’s amazing 5 stars strongly suggest this app!!!

So useful! Put to good use, this app has changed my wardrobe and routine. First, after taking pics of everything I wear, I cleaned out all the items I don't use. Upon completing that, I built a better wardrobe by only buying things that fit into what I already wear. Using ideas from other apps, I have filled my lookbook and no longer wonder what I am going to wear! Thanks!

Amazing I love everything about this app. Filling your virtual closet couldn’t be any easier. An extra plus is you can create your own outfit sets. If u ♡ fashion your ♡ Stylicious. I would definitely recommend this app.

This app is very handy, especially when you want to know what to wear last minute. You can organize your outfits for weeks and not have to worry about what to wear on that last minute date with a special someone. I truly love it!

Amazing app Just what I was looking for, I have tons of jewelry and I can never remember what I’ve worn and what I have. This app is perfect for me great options, very easy to use. Love it!

Love this app! Now I can easily wear all me clothes and not forget about those hidden away in the closet. Can plan an outfit on my way to work, on the bus, on my break. Just love it!

Best support team ever. I was having issues restoring my backup to the app on my new phone. The support team spent days analyzing and testing to make sure they resolved the issue. I can't imagine living without this app, seriously.

Questions and answer

How to add items in the closet?

Adding new items to your closet is simple and can be done by taking a picture with your camera or loading a picture from your media files. You can do this by tapping on the camera and photos buttons in the My Closet screen.

Can I import multiple photos?

This feature is only available on the iOS app at this time. It will be available on the Android app in our upcoming release.

How can I create a new look?

Simply tap on the + icon in the Lookbook section to start a new look. Create the look with items from your closet and/or wish list. You can move the items around by tapping on the items and dragging them to the desired position. Change the size of the items by tapping on the item with two fingers and pinching it to the desired size.

Can I update the look once it's created and I have it scheduled in my planner?

Yes to both. Simply edit the outfit from the Lookbook screen and add/remove items or change the description.

How can I bookmark my favorite brands to check for sales?

If you are like us always looking for great deals, the Style Bookmarks feature will let you bookmark your favorite brands so you can see what's on sale.

How do I backup my data?

On Android simply use the Backup feature on the old phone and then Restore on the new phone. For iOS the data is automatically saved on iCloud.

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